High-quality wood product service

Woodcomp Oy: for quality and certainty

Woodcomp Oy is a private, family-owned company established in Raahe in 2001, which manufactures wood products for construction and industrial use. We are located in the Port of Raahe, which has good transport links to Central Europe.

The basic principles behind our operations are quality products, reliable delivery, and customer-oriented service. Over 10 years of experience guarantees quality and efficiency. Our company employs about 25 professional and knowledgeable staff. Our modern and efficient production line was built in the 2000s.

Our clients include Finland's leading suppliers of housing, as well as steel and paper factories.

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Woodcomp Oy: for quality and certainty



Woodcomp's subsidiary Puumesta is a wood and construction goods business, which offers consumers and business customers a uniquely individual and professional personal service. Its competitiveness is increased by the parent company's own wood processing. Puumesta operates in Helsinki, Kerava, Raahe, and Ylivieska.


KW-Component Oy (KWC) manufactures prefabricated components, including wall, floor and gable elements, for single-family homes, small blocks of flats, and terraced houses. The company was founded in 2012 and employs approximately 25 professionals. KW-Component Oy is a joint venture of Kastelli houses and Woodcomp.

Lapaluodon puu

Lapaluodon Puu is a wood drying company owned by Softpolis Oy, Pesonen Saha sawmill and Woodcomp. It has 4 chamber drying plants, with an annual drying capacity of about 15,000 m3 of sawn timber. The company also has a timber battening and packaging facility.