High quality external cladding products

Durable external cladding from spruce heartwood

Woodcomp external cladding products are made from durable A+B grade spruce heartwood with sound knots. We pay particular attention to the correct planing method for our all-weather products. We supply external cladding in all the most common profiles and dimensions. External cladding products made from end matched and heartwood free raw materials are also available.

Our product range also includes wide external cladding prepared from manufactured boards. Compared with wide solid wood, glued wood is less changeable and the knots are smaller.

All our external cladding boards are CE-marked and prepared to standard EN 14915:2066+AC:2007.

Surface finish

We deliver external cladding products in standard colours or painted in a shade of the client's choice. Our external cladding products are also available with undercoat or top coat applied, which significantly reduces the painting work of the end customer.

Products are primed immediately after planing, when the cell tissue of the wood is open. The paint is then absorbed better and gives better protection against fluctuations in weather. We use Teknos water-thinnable products for painting.

”We pay particular attention to the correct planing method for our all-weather products.”


Customer-specific precut timber

We offer customer-specific precut timber sizes e.g. for strength graded structural timber and external cladding products. Our modern cross-cut lines can receive product cutting information electronically. When cutting timber frameworks, we can mark every part, for instance with length and wall information. In framework products, we can machine a notch for joist support.

Our service also includes the packaging of products in a wrapping marked with the client's logo, and their delivery on site anywhere in Finland.

”Our accurate cutting to size saves time, eliminates waste, and speeds construction.”

Timber for courtyard construction

High quality wood products for outdoor construction

We manufacture e.g. fence boards, pergola structures, and latticework for courtyard construction. Our products are treated all round with protective TEKNOSHIELD 4015 water thinnable wood oil, which penetrates into the wood without forming a visible film. Woodcomp yard construction products are designed to withstand seasonal fluctuations. However, renewed treatment is necessary once a year for surfaces exposed to continuous weathering.

Our wood products for decking and courtyard construction can be provided in different shades when surface treated. The standard colours are brown teak and dark grey carbon. Products can also be supplied wood ready.


”Woodcomp oil-treated decking is an ecological product for courtyard building.”

Dressed timber for construction

A wide range of high quality dressed timber

Our processing offers a comprehensive range of wood products for various stages in construction. Planing gives wood products the desired profiling, surface smoothness, and precision. Our product range includes all the planed goods most commonly used in construction, such as dimensioned framing, strength graded framing and joists, rough tongue and groove boarding, supporting battens, and roof boards. Our certified external cladding products have the right to use the CE mark for visually graded structural timber. Finotrol Oy has granted us a certificate (2412-CPD-318-01) for quality control in our factory.


”Our quality control ensures high quality and a good finished product.”

Wood products for loading and transporting

Dimensioned timber for loading and transporting

We supply dimensioned slabs, pallets and load boards to order e.g. to steel and paper mills. All of our transport and loading timber meets the ISPM 15 standard for wood packaging.

”We guarantee 100% supply certainty for our loading and transporting timber products.”

Baled bedding for cattle and horse farms

Natural animal bedding

Woodcomp bedding is a 100% pure Finnish natural product which contains no abrasive particles. Good absorbency and safety make it a suitable bedding for animals. The tightly compressed bales are easy to handle. The good protection of the bale pallet makes outside storage of the product possible. All the packaging materials for our bedding bales are recyclable.


”Our bedding is a 100% pure Finnish natural product which contains no abrasive particles.”